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永生花花束 Preserved fresh flowers

永生花花束 Preserved fresh flowers

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''Love is eternal'' No matter the occasion, a stunning flower bouquet is a timeless gift that can't be overlooked. 

Size: 41x 41x 38cm

關於這份禮物 About this gift:

  • 花束是由永生花組成,避免陽光直射下可以放三年左右
  • The bouquet is made up of preserved flowers and can last for approximately three years when kept away from direct sunlight.
  • 花束無需定期換水或澆水
  • The bouquet does not require regular water changes or watering. 
  • 價錢包括永生花花束,禮盒及heyday心意卡
  • The price includes the preserved flower bouquet, a gift box, and a heyday greeting card.
  • 由經驗豐富的手工製作,完美地送到收件人手中
  • An expertly hand-crafted bouquet delivered perfectly arranged
  • 精心送達,讓收件人在門口就能感受到驚喜
  • Delivered with real care, so they’re wowed at the doorstep

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