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Snake Plant

Snake Plant

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Snake plants have a number of health benefits, including:


  1. filter indoor air  淨化室內空氣
  2. remove toxic pollutants  去除有毒污染物
  3. may help boost mental health  有助提高心理健康
  4. easy to care for  容易養護
  5. effective against allergies  有助舒緩過敏症

If you plan to have a snake plant in your home, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 如果你計劃種植虎尾蘭,需要留意這幾點:

  • Don’t overwater. Too much water is this plant’s weakness. Place a snake plant in a well-drained pot to avoid overwatering, as it can cause rotting. Only water the soil when it’s completely dry.  不要過度澆水。太多水是這種植物的弱點。將 虎尾蘭放在排水良好的盆中,過度澆水可能會導致 植物腐爛。只有在土壤完全乾燥時才澆水。
  • Indirect sunlight is best. Partial sun works best for snake plants, though it can still grow in darker corners or in brighter window areas. If completely shaded, the plant can dull and the leaves may become a bit floppy.  避免陽光直射

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